Acorn Wellness Center is excited to announce the return of an incredible class. The first event was held in our waiting room in April and produced a new work of original art that hangs in our waiting room. Please tell us what you think of it next time you’re in.

In this weekend introduction to your inner artist you will have the opportunity to creatively explore the mystery of your soul through painting Mandalas and Sacred Art. Each artist will complete a wondrous, colorful Mandala or Sacred Art image as a symbol to explore and express artistic development while learning, growing, healing and painting in community.

Alchemy and magic that can not happen alone, happen when you paint in a supportive group. The center of the mandala is the center of your heart. You will learn how to paint from your heart center, pushing aside the ego, allowing the painting to come through you by tapping into the absolute creativity of your spirit and soul.

Make the world a better place by scheduling time for the most important person in your life to have fun and be creative! (That’s YOU, by the way.) Allowing yourself time to dance with the brush over the canvas, while yielding to the paint, is just plain good for the heart and soul and, by goodness, YOU deserve it! You’ll leave with a feeling of accomplishment, connectedness, and a beautiful piece of art that reflects the current state of your soul!

No painting experience necessary. All levels welcome! $275

Sat August 11th, 3 pm – 7 pm
Sun August 12th, 10 am – 7 pm

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