As the cost of living goes up, so do our operating expenses. In order to continue to provide the best quality care and service, Acorn Wellness Center will be raising our fees by $10 for massages and chiropractic care effective July 1st, 2014.


60-min massages and 20-min chiropractic visits will go from $80 to $90.

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Discount Programs
Our Massage Membership Program is a huge success, so we’ll continue to offer a massive discount to those who purchase at least one massage per month (on auto charge). The membership rate will be $59 apiece instead of $90.

Chiropractic Packages
As always, chiropractic patients may prepay for 8 or more visits to receive a 20% discount. Existing patients may buy as many as they’d like at the current rate to lock it in and use them after the rate increase July 1st.

Please call our front desk (510) 452-2929 with any questions.