Acorn Wellness Center is proud to be getting the word out about the health implications of Thermography, which is using a camera that is sensitive to heat to detect minute changes in blood flow patterns in your body.

When Thermography is used as a screening tool for breast health, it can detect changes in the tissue up to 10 years before a malignancy would form, making it truly preventative, rather than a tool of “early detection.” It’s safe, painless, highly accurate, and is able to include areas outside the breast, such as the armpit, where 40% of breast cancers originate. For these reasons, it’s considered the “gold standard” of care in Europe.

June 7th, Nancy Gardner will be performing Thermography screenings at Rhoda Climenhaga’s office, Suite 102, down the hall from Acorn Wellness Center. Screenings are 20-minutes by appointment only.

Breast scans are $225 and include a thorough report detailing your condition and Dr Gardner’s recommendations. Full body scans are also available for $350 and can reveal sites of inflammation or increased metabolic activity helping to detect many different kinds of health challenges.

To learn more, to have your questions answered, or to sign up for a thermograph, please call Nancy Gardner at (209) 881-3044.

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