I’m frequently pointing out that we’ve been mislead to believe that cholesterol and saturated fat are bad for us, despite the fact that there is no research proving it is. My article Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat explains that processed food is the culprit we’ve been looking for, and was never fat at all.

One reason that cholesterol has taken the “bad rap” is simply that it’s easy to test for cholesterol levels in your blood (or “serum cholesterol”). After decades of searching, we still haven’t found any evidence linking serum cholesterol levels and risk of heart attack or stroke, but what if there was a test you could take that DID correlate to these risks? That would be incredibly valuable, right?

C-Reactive Protein, or CRP, is a measure of the hidden inflammation in your body and is highly correlated to your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia, diabetes, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, and even arthritis in your joints.

Please read this blog, Hypothyroid Mom, guest written by Mark Hyman, MD, to learn more details about this important test, and definitely ask for one at your next visit with your medical doctor. It could literally save your life.