by Dr. Bartlett

To support people’s New Year’s Resolutions, my friend and fellow chiropractor, Dr Jim Otis, is offering a 45-day free trial for his
BrainTime program for only 2 more days. What is BrainTime? It’s like chiropractic care that you listen to. Even though most people think of chiropractic care to get rid of pain, the purpose of it is actually to tune up your nervous system.


While you might think that chiropractic adjustments are only addressing the pain you feel in your back, the truth is, the benefits travel via the nerves in your spine into your brain. You are literally having your brain rewired in order to function better. But what if there was a way to tune up your nervous system at home? Even while watching TV or in bed? What if you could improve sleep, memory, anxiety, depression, and concentration, all from listening to a 5 min recording on a daily basis? Well, you can.

A few months ago, my wife Kati and I started listening to the recordings on BrainTime. I have noticed that I’ve gone from always being alert at night and never wanting to go to bed before midnight (which often results in having to get up before I’ve gotten a full night’s rest) to being interested in going to bed around 11 pm. And Kati has found that she’s more focused (less foggy brain), she has more energy, she sleeps more easily and deeply, and her overall mood is better.  


From the BrainTime website:

Gentle, scientifically-timed sounds guide your brain to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Everything you do, think, and feel requires millisecond-precise timing in your brain. When you improve the timing in your brain you improve your health and wellbeing. All it takes is 5 minutes, two or more times a day. You listen through headphones to gentle sounds that reset the timing mechanisms in your brain, and as your brain works better you…

  • Think clearly and work efficiently
  • Sleep deeply and wake up rested
  • Possess radiant health, heal quickly and have great energy
  • Are able to stay present with family and friends – even in tough situations

The benefits start with the first session and grow over time.


Dr Otis is offering a free New Year’s trial through this weekend, so if this appeals to you, visit the BrainTime website now.