Green Business

At Acorn Wellness Center we are committed to promoting health in every way we can, and promoting the health of the planet is no exception. We are proud to be certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program as a small business that protects, preserves and sustains our environment.

Some of the earth preserving efforts we’ve undertaken are putting our lights on timers so that they turn off when no one is in the room, purchasing only recycled and earth-friendly products, and turning down the water pressure throughout our office to reduce water use.

When patients come into our office, they are asked to participate in our sustainability efforts as well. They will find compost receptacles throughout our office which patients can use when they dine on organic mixed nuts with compostable snack cups at our front counter, or when they help themselves to tea and water at our tea bar which features a large selection of organic teas, natural sweeteners, and compostable paper cups. They can also compost their clean, wet paper towels after washing their hands.