Getting Started

The way to begin your journey is by calling our office at (510) 452-2929 or (415) 742-5624 to schedule your initial appointment. Our front desk staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find a time to come in for care. 

We ask everyone to arrive to their first appointment 10-min early in order to fill out Intake Forms and to be relaxed before your session. 


      Chiropractic Availability

For appointments within the next 4 hours, please call us at 510-452-2929 or 415-742-5624 (the online scheduler will indicate that we’re booked).

What to wear to your appointment:

If you are scheduling a chiropractic appointment, we recommend you dress as though you’re attending a yoga class; comfortable and stretchy.

If your issue involves your neck, we recommend an open-necked shirt or tank-top. If your complaint involves your shoulder, a loose, short-sleeved shirt or tank-top are best. If you have pain anywhere from your low back to your knees, please wear shorts, leggings or sweat pants. Denim, on the other hand, is the most difficult material to work through. Some of our patients choose to bring a change of clothes.

Guidelines for Self-Scheduling

Now that we’re encouraging patients to book their appointments online, we want to provide some guidelines to help you get the most out of your care.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatments can help with so much more than just back pain!
  • If you’re actively in pain, schedule 2 times/week, or 2-4 days apart.
  • As your pain decreases, in order to continue seeing improvement, schedule 1 time/week.
  • As your issue goes “below the surface,” transition to every other week frequency for about 4 visits to create resiliency and stability in your body.
  • If you’ve been doing well for 2 months, transition to getting treatments every 4 weeks as maintenance.

We understand that sometimes people need to defer their maintenance care, so know that if you tell us, we’ll listen (and stop prompting you to keep up with your care).


Prenatal/Postpartum Care

Chiropractic care is safe and effective during every stage of pregnancy, and beyond!
  • If you’re pregnant and feeling great all over and would like to support your pelvic joints to be evenly mobile so that labor and delivery is easier and shorter, come in monthly.
  • If you have aches and pains, follow the guidelines above.
  • If you are concerned about the baby being in the optimum position for birth, call us to discuss your timeline (taking into account your due date, scheduled procedures such as Cesarean birth or External Cephalic Version (ECV), etc.).
  • If you’re in the post-partum time period (up to 5-6 months after delivery), and don’t have symptoms that requires more frequent visits, schedule every 2-3 weeks so that, as relaxin leaves your body and your normal stability returns, you stabilize with everything in the best possible shape.

Children & Infant Care

Chiropractic care can be a great support to your child’s development!
  • If your child has a condition that needs attention, schedule once or twice a week.
  • If your child is healthy and you’re wanting to support their continued good health by tuning up their nervous system, schedule monthly, or every at least every 2-3 months in order to support their health as they progress through every developmental milestone