Chiropractor for Migraines in Walnut Creek

Elon Bartlett is a migraine chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA who customizes every visit to suit your particular needs. At the beginning of care he’ll examine your condition and will really take the time to listen to you. Dr Bartlett will explain his approach, and what he can do to help you.

Chiropractic treatments at Acorn Wellness Center are long enough to always include soft tissue work which addresses the muscle tension patterns that typically cause migraines.

Visits that focus on migraines and headaches will also include identifying lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your condition, as well as instruction on stretching and strengthening exercises and ways to alter your lifestyle, all with the goal of preventing your migraines from returning.

Acorn Wellness Center’s migraine chiropractor in Walnut Creek, Elon Bartlett, has been serving the East Bay since 2001.

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Are you suffering from headaches or migraines?

If so, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone gets occasional headaches, while 40-50% of people are afflicted with a headache syndrome, such as tension headaches, or migraines, which feature severe, throbbing pain, possibly accompanied by nausea and vomiting, as well as sensitivity to light and sound. Sometimes migraine sufferers know that one is coming based on early warning signs such as mood changes, high or low energy levels, or changes to sight and hearing.

The important things to know about headaches is, there is help beyond taking pills to numb the pain. At Acorn Wellness Center our aim is to approach you as a whole person and determine what are all your possible triggers, from diet and sleep patterns to stress levels and postural habits. Many people find that relieving muscle tension patterns from their neck and shoulders is the first step towards improving their headache pain, and that restoring normal joint movement in the upper spine also makes a huge difference.

Elon Bartlett, DC of Acorn Wellness Center specializes in chiropractor for migraines. Our patients see tremendous relief and are happy to be able to come off the crutch of pain medications. Let us help you get the relief you dream of. You don’t have to suffer through life with headaches and migraines.

Can a Chiropractor Help With Migraines?

Yes! Chiropractors are specially trained to detect loss of joint mobility, which is usually accompanied with muscle tension, which are major causes of migraines and other headaches. Correcting these patterns, as well as identifying lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your headaches, can be the source of relief that you’re looking for. Schedule a visit with Acorn Wellness Center to experience the difference that comes from the combination of massage with chiropractic care.

Meet Our Chiropractor

Walnut Creek Chiropractor Elon BartlettAcorn Wellness Center in Walnut Creek, CA is run by Chiropractor Elon Bartlett. Dr Bartlett is one of Walnut Creek’s top-rated chiropractors, and has been specializing in prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care since 2001, making him one of the Bay Area’s most experienced chiropractors as well.

Dr. Bartlett has always had a passion for optimal body mechanics and bodywork which can be seen in his background as a massage therapist and advanced student of Tai Chi Chuan. Another passion of his, empowering birth, began as a child upon seeing images of his own, peaceful home birth. Once he made the progression from massage therapist to chiropractor, he combined his passions by specializing in prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care.

From both Walnut Creek & Oakland, CA locations, Dr. Bartlett practices Diversified chiropractic, incorporating Activator, Drop, NeuroMuscular Re-education (NMR), and CranioSacral Therapy (CST) into his treatments. His treatment style is gentle and precise, meaning he only uses as much force as is required to achieve the desired result. What sets him apart as a chiropractor is that he begins every treatment with NMR, a therapeutic form of massage, to soften muscle tension first and then uses manual palpation to assess what treatment is needed, only relying on X-Ray when required.

Dr. Bartlett is known as a sciatica chiropractor, a migraine chiropractor as well as a TMJ chiropractor in Walnut Creek. Click “Schedule Now” to start your personalized care plan with Walnut Creek Chiropractor Dr. Bartlett.

Since having my son, I have really seen the benefits of a chiropractor and Dr. Bartlett truly tops them all. And his use of massage, rather than a machine roller, has truly helped me, especially with my migraines. Even my husband sees Dr. Bartlett for his back now, too. I’m so grateful to Dr. Bartlett for his skillful care for my sweet family!

Laura G.

San Francisco, CA

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Bartlett. I was pregnant and had been experiencing terrible pain in my tailbone when walking for months. After two adjustments I could walk pain-free. I wish I had come in sooner!  I think Dr. Bartlett is really passionate about his patients living healthy, pain-free lives and I always feel taken care of when I go in to see him.

Emily M.

Oakland, CA

I have been going to Acorn Wellness for years. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Bartlett, I am a painter and have repetitive stress injuries. My monthly appointments keep me moving and aligned.

Christine H.

Walnut Creek, CA