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I’m afraid of getting my spine “cracked.” Does it hurt?

No, it does not hurt. The feeling is like a stretch, compressed into an instant. It may feel sudden, or abrupt, but if you are calm and relaxed, there won’t be any pain at all. If the area being treated is already sore and inflamed, the treatment might momentarily recreate your pain, but within seconds it should feel much better than before the treatment.

Do I need to get x-rays?

In our office we base the decision to get X-Rays on your specific situation. If you have had a traumatic injury, for instance, an X-Ray will help us make sure it is safe to manipulate the effected area.

Do you take my insurance?

We are not a preferred provider with any health insurance companies in order to allow us to offer longer appointments with more individualized care. However, your insurance company may reimburse you, in full or in part, for seeing an “out-of-network” chiropractor if that benefit is part of your particular policy.

Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely safe, and effective. Because chiropractors only use their hands, there are no side effects such as those that occur from taking medications. Dr. Bartlett has been successfully treating pregnant women since 2000 and has specialized equipment that allows pregnant women to lie face down in complete comfort during the treatment.

How is chiropractic beneficial while I am pregnant?

Your body’s joints become extra loose while you are pregnant, which sets you up for increased stress on your lower back, your pubic symphysis, or even your wrists. In response to this, your muscles get tight in order to maintain your stability. Therefore, combining massage and adjustments helps your muscles relax and your nervous system to get “reset” with the proper alignment. Even if there is no pain, pregnancy and the first 6 months postpartum is a great time to optimize your alignment due to the extra looseness in your joints. Also, aligning your skeleton and massaging the ligaments that support your uterus can provide more room for the baby, and help prevent, or even correct, a breech presentation. Finally, regular adjustments maintain even motion of the pelvic joints, which makes labor easier and faster! For first time moms, labor has been shown to be reduced by 39%, while women who’ve already had children can expect a 24% reduction in labor.

Why would children get chiropractic?
Babies are born under a great deal of physical stress (contractions!) and go though many abrupt changes (lungs filling with air, heart chambers pumping blood to the lungs) and so newborns can be fussy. Gentle adjustments and light CranioSacral Therapy treatments can help with colic, sleep irregularities, digestive trouble, etc. As children grow, they fall down constantly and so benefit from having those mini-traumas released from their bodies. Also, growing pains can be effectively treated or prevented by chiropractic care. Finally, having your spine adjusted takes stress off of your nervous system which improves immune function so children who get chiropractic care have fewer colds, ear infections and asthma symptoms.
Do you offer discounts for families?
We recognize that it can be expensive to bring in the whole family, so to support everyone in your family being able to get regular care, we offer a Monthly Membership that’s a 17% discount, and everyone under 18 years old pays half the adult rate.
How do I schedule?

If you are new to our office, feel free to call us at (510) 452-2929 or (415) 742-5624 to discuss your individual situation, or you can book online at https://acornwellness.com/booking/.
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