Trochanteric Belt

Provides support to the sacrum to alleviate hip and pelvic pain. Available in several sizes, for all genders.


  • Provides support to comfortably stabilize the SI Joint and hips
  • Helps relieve lower back pain and discomfort
  • Adjustable elastic pulls for extra compression
  • Contours to the low back and hips for comfort
  • This product contains no latex

The Sacroiliac Spinal Support eases pain by providing compression and support to the pelvic region, comfortably stabilizing the hips and SI joint. Ideal for use when SI joint dysfunction is a result of ligament injury due to repetitive activities causing muscle fatigue in the lower back. During pregnancy, hormones cause ligaments to become slack and stretch in order to allow the pelvis to spread for delivery. Use this support postpartum to gently compress the sacroiliac joint and hips together in order to assist the ligaments in shortening and realigning the pelvis to its pre-pregnancy position. Durable, plush, 4 inch high hook and loop material provides maximum support to the sacral region of the back. Soft elastic CorEdge finish on top and bottom edges offers added comfort and flexibility. The anatomical form contours to the natural curves of the hips for comfort. Low-profile, flexible design, moves with you during normal daily activities. This product contains no latex.