The best way to see consistent results is to continue your care at home. These tools are designed to help you decrease pain and increase mobility. Questions? Ask Dr. Bartlett! 




Natural Heat Therapy Wrap



Warm up stiff muscles with this reusable heat pack!




Reusable Heat/Cold Pack (Non-Toxic)



Non-toxic, reusable, all natural packs are manufactured with over 75% recycled material. Can be used warm or cold!




JackKnobber II Self-Massage Tool


Lightweight, portable massage tool that saves your hands from doing all the work!




Lacrosse Therapy Ball Set by Neat Athlete


Portable therapeutic self-massage tool that can target smaller areas than a foam roller.




Adjustable Neck Massager

Adjustable massage tool, designed to feel exactly like a massage therapist’s hands.




Back Buddy Massage Tool


An effective tool for pain management and reaching trigger points and sore muscles all over the body.



Therapeutic Low Density Foam Roller 


Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, rehab, and massage exercise. Lower density is great for beginners! 



High Density Foam Roller by Peace of Muscle (Eco Friendly)


Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, rehab, and massage exercise. Made from eco-friendly EVA foam to protect the environment.



Stability Ball with Pump


Versatile tool for stretching or strengthening. Use as a desk chair for a stronger core!