In many ways, Acorn Wellness Center owes it’s mission to my mother. She raised me by herself and demonstrated that mothers are not only capable, but vital parts of our culture and our society. I grew up valuing women’s contributions and admiring their ability to do everything men can, and then some!

Despite the limited role that women used to play, we now know that women can indeed drive cars, play sports, hold important jobs… and maybe soon we’ll even see a woman as President of the United States! Women can also birth and feed babies and so I have dedicated myself to supporting that aspect of burgeoning families.

As we approach this Mother’s Day and I think back to the lessons that my dear mom taught me, one of my favorites is that parents need to be “updated” about how capable their children are. I still remember being around 10 years old and getting frustrated with my mom for not realizing that I could stay up later than when I was 9. When I protested, she said, “You know you’re right. I’m always going to think of you as how you were, but you’re growing so fast, my impression is always going to be a little behind. Please be patient with me, and let me know what you’re capable of as you grow.”

She treated me with so much respect, how could I not respect her back? In that moment I decided to ask my mom for whatever level of responsibility I felt ready for, and that made both our lives so much easier.

What did your mom teach you? How do you parent like, or not like, your mother?